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The Gobo Eiffel Structure Library is a portable Eiffel class library covering data structures and algorithms. When this library has been developed, there was no data structure library standard, and no portable library was publicly available. Each Eiffel compiler provides its own data structure library, but none of them is portable (see portability issues). This library has hence been developed as a foundation for other portable libraries provided in the Gobo Eiffel Project. The Gobo Eiffel Structure Library contains the classic containers needed in everyday programming, such as lists, stacks or tables, and provides different implementations such as linked, bilinked, arrayed, multiarrayed or hashed. More data structures may be added in the future if there is a need for them. There is nothing really new in this library. Most of the ideas come from other existing data structure libraries.

This documentation is structured as follows:

Naming conventions followed throughout this library.
General Abstractions
Abstract properties of data structures [cluster container].
Traversable Containers
Data structure traversal mechanism [cluster container].
Sortable Containers
Algorithms for sorting items in containers [cluster sort].
Various implementations of lists [cluster list].
Containers whose items are accessed by keys [cluster table].
Containers containing at most one occurrence of each item [cluster set].
Stacks (LIFO) and queues (FIFO) [cluster dispenser].
Flat-short Forms
Flat-short forms of the Gobo Eiffel Structure Library classes.
See Also
Bibliographical references, related resources and acknowledgments.
Downloading Instructions
License agreement and downloading instructions.

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