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This document describes the guidelines that must be followed by all contributions to the Gobo Eiffel Project. The guidelines are based on the rules laid out in OOSC2 and clarified or amended where necessary. We hope that these guidelines will be widely followed, also by Eiffel libraries other than the Gobo Eiffel libraries, and that they will facilitate code sharing and code reading.

Note that this document is far from complete. It is only the first draft, more sections will be added and some existing sections need some more work.

This document is structured as follows:

Supported Eiffel Compilers
The Eiffel compilers that must be supported.
Eiffel Language
The version of the Eiffel Language that must be used.
Naming Conventions
The naming conventions that code must follow.
Class Layout
How class texts must be formatted.
Programming Style
The programming style that must be used.
How to write documentation.
The kind of examples that must be provided.
Test Suite
How to write a test suite.
Git Repository
How to use the Git Repository.
Installation Procedure
The installation files to provide.
The license under which Gobo Eiffel code is released.

Copyright 2001-2010, Eric Bezault
Last Updated: 8 March 2005