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Gobo Eiffel Test is a tool for generating, compiling and running tests to exercise Eiffel classes and libraries. The Eiffel language already supports Design by Contract which is a great help for debugging thanks to preconditions, postconditions and invariants. However before delivering Eiffel libraries, these assertions need to be exercised in order to detect bugs as soon as possible. Furthermore it is useful to run regression tests between releases to be sure that no new bugs have been introduced. Having a tool such as getest which could make such tests automatic was even more important for the Gobo Eiffel Libraries because they need to work properly with all supported Eiffel compilers and therefore the test suites should be run with all these compilers and possibly on different platforms as well.

This documentation is structured as follows:

Stages in Using getest
Steps to follow to run a test with getest.
Some Simple Examples
Some simple examples explained.
Predefined assertions used in test cases.
Configuration File
Format of getest configuration file.
Command-line Options
Command-line options and environment variables.
Output format of getest.
See Also
Bibliographical references, related resources and acknowledgments.
Downloading Instructions
License agreement and downloading instructions.

Copyright 2001, Eric Bezault
Last Updated: 16 April 2001