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The document was written by Bertrand Meyer and for versions up to 7 benefited from numerous discussions with Michael Schweitzer.

The substance (the kernel specification) is the result of a collective effort with contributions from:

Eric Bezault (ISE, Santa Barbara)
Roger Browne (Everything Eiffel, Great Britain)*
Didier Dupont (SOL, Paris)
Fred Hart (Tower Technology, Atlanta)*
Aaron Hillegas (Tower Technology, Atlanta)
Rock Howard (Tower Technology, Austin)*
Paul Johnson (GEC-Marconi, Great Britain)**
Xavier Le Vourch (ISE, Santa Barbara)
David Morgan (ISE, Santa Barbara)
Bertrand Meyer (ISE, Santa Barbara)
Christine Mingins (Monash University, Melbourne), chairman of the NICE library committee
Michael Schweitzer (Swissoft, Göttingen)*
Philippe Stephan (SCENEC, Paris)
Robert Switzer (Swissoft, Göttingen, and University of Göttingen)*
Steve Tynor (Tower Technology, Atlanta)*
Dino Valente (ISE, Santa Barbara)

The influence of the Gustave kernel proposal (authors marked * above) and the GEC-Marconi kernel proposal (author marked ** above) is gratefully acknowledged.

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