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1.1 Definition: this Standard

The Eiffel Kernel Library Standard, denoted in the present document by the phrase "this Standard", is made up of the contents of sections 1 to 5 of the present document, with the exception of elements appearing between square brackets [...] which are comments.

[As a result of the preceding definition the following elements are not part of this Standard: the introduction, the table of contents, Appendix A in section 6 (the Kernel Library Standardization process), and elements playing a pure typesetting role such as page headers.]

1.2 Scope of this Standard

This Standard defines a number of library-related conditions that an Eiffel implementation must satisfy. These conditions affect a set of classes known as the kernel library. An implementation that satisfies the conditions described in this Standard will be said to be kernel-compatible, a phrase that is abbreviated in this Standard as just "compatible".

[In other contexts it may be preferable to use the full phrase, since the compatibility of an Eiffel implementation also involves other aspects, such as language compatibility.]

[The terms "compatibility" and "compatible" may be felt to be less clear than "conformance" and "conformant". The former are used here, however, since talking about conformance might cause confusions with the Eiffel notion of a type conforming to another.]

1.3 Other documents

The phrase Eiffel: The Language as used in this Standard refers to the second printing of the book Eiffel: The Language, Prentice Hall, 1992, ISBN 0-13-245-925-7.

For the purposes of this Standard, the definition of the Eiffel language is the definition given by Eiffel: The Language.

In case of contradictions between the library specifications given by Eiffel: The Language and those given in this Standard, the latter shall take precedence.

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