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If you are not sure whether gec works with your C compiler on your operating system and hardware, you can see below if others already succeeded in doing so. If your platform or C compiler does not appear in this list, you can still give it a try. You just have to follow the instructions given at the end of this chapter.

Hardware, Operating systems and C compilers

This table shows the C compilers and platforms on which gec has already been used successfully:

Operating System C Compiler Hardware Comment
Windows XP Pro msc 7.1 (Visual Studio .NET 2003) 32-bit x86
Windows XP msc 8 (Visual Studio .NET 2005) 32-bit x86
Windows XP Pro bcc 5.5.1 32-bit x86 bcc raises floating-point overflow exceptions (msc does not). bcc ignores all '\r' when reading text files (msc ignores '\r' only when followed by '\n').
Linux Ubuntu 5.10 "The Breezy Badger" gcc 4.0.2 32-bit x86
Debian Linux 2.6.15 tcc 0.9.23 32-bit x86
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 gcc 3.4.5 64-bit x86
OpenBSD 3.8 gcc ??? 32-bit x86
alpha OSF1 V5.1 Compaq C V6.4 64-bit, little endian, Tru64

And using computers from SourceForge's Compile Farm:

Name Operating System C Compiler Hardware
x86-linux2 Fedora Linux FC2 gcc 3.3.3 32-bit x86, little endian
x86-linux1 Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 gcc 3.3.5 32-bit x86, little endian
x86-openbsd1 OpenBSD 3.8 gcc 3.3.5 32-bit x86, little endian
sparc-solaris1 Sun Solaris 9 (SunOS 5.9) gcc 3.3.2 64-bit Sun UltraSPARC-II, big-endian

Testing gec on a new platform

This section explains what to do in order to test gec on a new platform or with a new C compiler using the code from the Git repository.

First you need to check-out the code from the Gobo Git repository. Then you should set the environment variable $GOBO to the directory where you checked out the code, and add $GOBO/bin to your $PATH. All this is explained in $GOBO/bin/ If you are using a C compiler other than Microsoft Visual C cl on Windows or GNU gcc on other operating systems such as Linux, you should provide a configuration file for your compiler as explained in the section "Back-end C compiler".

Then, depending on your platform and your C compiler, you should run either one of these:

%GOB%\bin\install.bat <c_compiler>
$GOBO/bin/ <c_compiler>
If this completes successfully (no "BUILD FAILED!" message), you can then run the following test:
cd $GOBO
geant test_debug_ge

Please don't forget to send feedbacks to the Gobo development team about your experiments, and whether we should add new entries to the list of platforms and C compilers above or add new config files to $GOBO/tool/gec/config/c/.

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Last Updated: 27 December 2016