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If you are not sure whether gec works with your C compiler on your operating system and hardware, you can see below if others already succeeded in doing so. If your platform or C compiler does not appear in this list, you can still give it a try. You just have to follow the instructions given at the end of this chapter.

Hardware, Operating systems and C compilers

This table shows the C compilers and platforms on which gec has already been used successfully:

Operating System C Compiler Hardware Comment
Windows 10 msc 15 (Visual Studio 2017) x86 64-bit
Windows 10 msc 16 (Visual Studio 2019) x86 64-bit Using GitLab runner
Debian GNU/Linux 10 gcc 8.3.0 x86 64-bit Using GitLab runner
Linux Ubuntu 16.04.6 gcc 5.4.0 x86 64-bit Using Travis CI
Linux CentOS 7 gcc 4.8.5 x86 64-bit Using SourceForge
Mac OS X 10.13.6 clang 9.1.0 x86 64-bit Using Travis CI
Mac OS X clang 11.0.3 x86 64-bit

Testing gec on a new platform

This section explains what to do in order to test gec on a new platform or with a new C compiler using the code from the Git repository.

First you need to check-out the code from the Gobo Git repository. Then you should set the environment variable $GOBO to the directory where you checked out the code, and add $GOBO/bin to your $PATH. All this is explained in $GOBO/bin/ If you are using a C compiler other than Microsoft Visual C cl on Windows or GNU gcc on other operating systems such as Linux, you should provide a configuration file for your C compiler as explained in the section "Back-end C compiler".

Then, depending on your platform and your C compiler, you should run either one of these commands:

%GOB%\bin\install.bat <c_compiler>
$GOBO/bin/ <c_compiler>
If this completes successfully (no "BUILD FAILED!" message), you can then run the following test:
cd $GOBO
geant test_ge

Please don't forget to send feedbacks to the Gobo development team about your experiments, and whether we should add new entries to the list of platforms and C compilers above or add new config files to $GOBO/tool/gec/config/c/.

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Last Updated: 6 September 2020