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The animation above is a humorous way to express what I think about C++. Of course, not everything is bad in C++ but, like many people who have already been in contact with the Eiffel language and method at least once in their life, I don't like programming with C++ at all. And the fact that so many projects have been developed in C++ is certainly not a proof of quality. As Roger Browne, from Everything Eiffel, once wrote in comp.lang.eiffel, it's like eating out:

Recent postings in this thread have lamented that most projects follow mainstream trends rather than investigating possibly superior alternatives.

In a sense it's like eating out - it's inevitable that a greater number of people will choose McDonalds (safe, predictable, known pricing and performance) whilst ignoring the delights of the fine french restaurant around the corner, although many are now sampling the new coffee shop that has just opened up.

So, don't worry that the masses are using C++ - just use what is best for you. Think how lucky you are to be aware of the alternatives, and to be able to choose what is best for you.

You may also have a look at what other well known people in the OO field had to say about Eiffel. Ian Joyner also made an interesting thorough description of the (many) weaknesses of C++ in C++?? : A Critique of C++ (3rd Ed.).

[The animation above has been inspired from the Microshaft Internet Exploder page.]

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Last Updated: 30 November 1997